New journey

After many years working directly with analysis and software development, I decided to change focus. If you wish to accompany the new journey: Unfortunately, it is only available in Portuguese. Not the ideal, but you can use Google Translator to read the posts (it can be slow for big pages): The myth of the [...]

New Grails plugin: hibernate-spatial The announcement was made here. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Share on Linkedin share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post Bookmark in Browser Tell a friend

Tips on Gant scripts on Grails

While GRAILS-7274 is not fixed, use try-catch when writing build event handlers; Add log verbosity to Gant, when appropriate: Prefer AntBuilder.path to the use of nested classpath elements: The “prize” for having read this far is the necessary snippet to execute the weblogic.appc (among other activities, it will pre-compile the JSPs) after the creation of [...]

Searchable and browseable source code

For public source code written in Java, GrepCode may be helpful. For private source code and/or written in other languages ​​(or stored using unusual version control systems), it is worth knowing the OpenGrok. Additional references: OpenGrok (Wikipedia) OpenGrok in action ( OpenGrok internals Available analyzers (source code) Install OpenGrok on Windows Installing Opengrok on Ubuntu [...]

GSP vs. FTL (microbenchmark)

Groovy Server Pages vs. FreeMarker Templates. Both are good tools, maintained by extremely qualified teams and available to Grails (FreeMarker through freemarker and freemarker-tags plugin). As previously stated, microbenchmarks are just microbenchmarks. The following tests were motivated by an old argument over dynamic template rendering and the recent discussion on the rendering performance of various [...]

Using Grails to build a simple batch system

Inspired by the discussion on ‘How would you launch a Quartz job from a script?’ and basing on the post about ‘Tiny GroovyServ’, I decided to write a simple batch system using Grails and quartz, spring-security-core and batch-launcher plugins. The batch-launcher has been choosen because, in the company where I work, there are segregated environments [...]

Tiny GroovyServ

GroovyServ is an interesting solution for executing multiple Groovy scripts in a shared JVM. Unfortunately, as mentioned in this thread, restrictions in relation to the supported operating systems can become a problem. As an alternative approach, a small SSH server was written using Groovy. In this way, any native SSH client would be able to [...]