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Tips on Gant scripts on Grails

While GRAILS-7274 is not fixed, use try-catch when writing build event handlers; Add log verbosity to Gant, when appropriate: Prefer AntBuilder.path to the use of nested classpath elements: The “prize” for having read this far is the necessary snippet to execute the weblogic.appc (among other activities, it will pre-compile the JSPs) after the creation of [...]

Searchable and browseable source code

For public source code written in Java, GrepCode may be helpful. For private source code and/or written in other languages ​​(or stored using unusual version control systems), it is worth knowing the OpenGrok. Additional references: OpenGrok (Wikipedia) OpenGrok in action ( OpenGrok internals Available analyzers (source code) Install OpenGrok on Windows Installing Opengrok on Ubuntu [...]