GSP vs. FTL (microbenchmark)

Groovy Server Pages vs. FreeMarker Templates. Both are good tools, maintained by extremely qualified teams and available to Grails (FreeMarker through freemarker and freemarker-tags plugin). As previously stated, microbenchmarks are just microbenchmarks. The following tests were motivated by an old argument over dynamic template rendering and the recent discussion on the rendering performance of various [...]

Tiny GroovyServ

GroovyServ is an interesting solution for executing multiple Groovy scripts in a shared JVM. Unfortunately, as mentioned in this thread, restrictions in relation to the supported operating systems can become a problem. As an alternative approach, a small SSH server was written using Groovy. In this way, any native SSH client would be able to [...]

Groovy SQL and batch updates (microbenchmark)

Before saying that a tool is not appropriate for a particular task, you should learn as much as possible about it. The following tests were performed using the snapshot of version 1.8.1 of Groovy, which includes the improvement GROOVY-4798. When analyzing the results, keep in mind that: Microbenchmarks are just microbenchmarks; The values should be [...]