New journey

After many years working directly with analysis and software development, I decided to change focus. If you wish to accompany the new journey: Unfortunately, it is only available in Portuguese. Not the ideal, but you can use Google Translator to read the posts (it can be slow for big pages): The myth of the [...]

Using Grails to build a simple batch system

Inspired by the discussion on ‘How would you launch a Quartz job from a script?’ and basing on the post about ‘Tiny GroovyServ’, I decided to write a simple batch system using Grails and quartz, spring-security-core and batch-launcher plugins. The batch-launcher has been choosen because, in the company where I work, there are segregated environments [...]

Dynamic JRE: Stressing the machine

When considering whether to use WebLogic Server as a Grails EmbeddableServer, replacing Tomcat or Jetty in the execution of ‘grails run-app’, I came across with some limitations. Certain features of the Java runtime environment are not prepared to be changed after starting the JVM (or are they?). Despite all hype, it’s just software and use [...]